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Easier & Safer!

Free of rooftop survey. Design and install at the same day. Lower DC input, reduce the risk of injury caused by electric shock.

More Yield!

10-25 percent more yield compare to a string inverter, which can result in a significant cost/performance advantage.

Longer Lifetime!

Designed for high reliability with a life expectancy of 25+ years, which unlike string inverters, matches the lifetime of solar modules.

Cloud Tech!

Cloud technology based monitoring system provides an unprecedented experience of smart to solar system users.

logo-icon-35Apxteck provides highly reliable solutions combines with smart Cloud technology and monitoring interface, enable users to maximum their energy generation, make solar PV system designing and installation more easier and safer.

AT-MG250(2)-300(200)Thanks to module level MPPT technology. Apxteck’s highly dependable Micro-inverter technology enable each module‘s maximum energy generation. And makes the system design simpler. Lower DC input significantly reduce the risk of electrical shock, makes the installation safer, ensure the system designing and installation finished on the same day. And the system is tailored to make incorporating solar into any building easy and affordable for both homeowners and installers.

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Apxteck’s powerful PV PowerRouter receives and stores current measured values and transmits data of each Micro-inverter via powerline communication technology. All data from the connected devices is stored and automatically transmitted to the PowerHub web-based monitoring interface.

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powerhub-300(200)With Monitoring interface you can conveniently and seamlessly monitor every module’s status in the system, provides a precise, user-friendly visualization of the system’s basic features. Smart failure prediction function will notice user and installer in the same time, efficiently maintains each module’s performance, make sure the best working condition of the system over the lifetime.


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